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"I Wanna Be A Minuteman"

...was chosen to be part of Bree Noble's 'Music with a Conscience' playlist on Female Entrepreneur Musician & Women of Substance Radio Podcast Show 1151 PREJUDICE, BULLYING & SELF-IMAGE to be released Sept. 23rd.
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"Behind That Locked Door"

...was chosen to be part of Bree Noble's 'Music with a Conscience' playlist on Female Entrepreneur Musician & Women of Substance Radio Podcast Show 1150 #DIVERSITY to be released on Sept. 21st.
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Judy is a Featured Artist at WTBQ!!
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Judy was mentioned once again at Shoutout LA as part of the show “SONGS AND SITDOWNS” Aug. 17, 2020

JUDY tells a story at Spoken Words at FAR-West 2019

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for including "Santa Can'tcha" from "Balancing Act" on the playlist for Mystery Train #433, December 20th, 2018 "Waitin' For Christmas Day" on Italian radio station, Ascolta P.N.R. FM

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The opening track "My Own Personal Formula 409" fits perfectly into the country box and the subsequent "PTA Mom" ​​is a rap song on funky music. It's blown laugh with the lyrics of "Andrews Sisters'-like, cabarateske" The Hamster Did not Die Today "that through" accompanied old-time big band music. Then chooses Judy Nazemetz for blues music to "I'm Old (Amy's Song)" bring and "We Got No Love Today" come quickly turn up the comparisons with "Monty Python's Flying Circus", also by something on yodel-like vocal work.

Tyrolean accordion oompah music including musical forms the core of "The Passaic Kielbasy Polka (The Nazemetz Family Polka)". Traditional Celtic folk seems then to have formed the basis of the number "what're We Gonna Do About Judy Wyner?" And "Road Song" is a laid back jazzy song. Bellowing hard to punk rock with 'Black Sabbath' remember guitars is to guide the funny "Wifi Wife," and a large 180 degrees turn and made a childish rhyme a capella song like "Yesterday I Was So Tired" below.

So it goes but beyond these rather 'weirdo' plate Judy Nazemetz with a reggae tune under the song "Oh Momma, Da Basketball" and the nice album closer "A Southern California Christmas Carol" (see video) where the surf sound of the 'Beach Boys' frame of reference was drawn. "Variety Pak" is certainly not a memorable record, but for three quarters pure musical entertainment this seems a very appropriate CD. We have already had our share of fun with it.

(valsam) "I would not like to call 'Variety Pak' an unforgettable album from Judy Nazemetz, but three quarters pure musical entertainment is 100% guaranteed. With funny lyrics on all genres of music, the listening to this record makes you Constantly wonder what the next track will be like. 'Funny and sunny' would in our opinion be a perfectly fitting summary for this CD. "


"Judy Nazemetz found her niche in New York City when she entered the world of improvisation and discovered she had a talent for instantly making up blues songs, rap songs, songs in the style of Stephen Sondheim, folk songs, songs in whatever genre and subject the audience shouted out..."


“It may be clear that nobody has to teach the L.A.-based comical artist Judy Nazemetz how to write qualitative songs, whether they are in comedy style or dealing with more serious topics like love or Santa Claus. She has obtained the best possible singing and songwriting skills throughout her long musical career, as can be heard on her excellent new record ‘Balancing Act’.“ –

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